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Dressup Chrissy. Dressup Chrissy.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nude? Who needs 2 see nude girls...?

I most likely agree with you that questions about how to get a picture nude is irritating. Dress up games are fun because you can try out different styles of fashion, or even make your own line! The graphics are good, and the style is fun, ranging from high-tech to angelic-style.

Well done! I hope to see more of those, if you are thinking about making more of them, that is! :D

EmeraldTokyo responds:

I am actually. I have three of them I'm working on now. They're far from finished. The outfits take time to make.

Thanks for the review and nice score. ^_^

Train Robber! Train Robber!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cowboys 'n stuff...

Even though it's not as great as dad 'n me, or as alien homonid, it wasn't bad. like all your games, it had GREAT graphics, and smooth gameplay. MAYOR plusses on those! Keep up the good work, and oh, please convert dad 'n me to cube or ps2 will you? (or maybe DS or PSP?)


The Pickup Game The Pickup Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh, the humaity!

Seriously, it is a great game, and flying with a airplane to pick up a girl is funny, but please, it is just not meant to be. I must admit, it's a fun game, but there's nothing realistic at it... Which might be great! It kept me busy for a minute or two, but afterwards... I ended only playing it once... It looked nice, and had quite some interesting aspects, but I can't give it more than a 8, due to graphics and gameplay, the rest is kinda shitty... If you'd make another game like this, insert more fun, and not so crappy text blogs. But I can't deny I enjoyed this a little...

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Dad 'n Me Dad 'n Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wish I'd have a dad like that...

Man, this game rocks! And I'm not the ''kiss-butt'' type, but seriously, this is the best game ever on newgrounds ever seen, and I seriously think it beats Alien Homonid! Killing so much innocent bystanders... It rocks! The combo moves are nice, but the boss type figure, sunchip is kind of on the hard side. Some of his moves are unfair, like his gun, and his abillity to hit you while he's standing up. I actually had to repaly the game three times to kick sunchip's ass, but eventually dad found me, so the party was over...

For all you people who are out there that haven't played this game, first of all, yoyu should play it! and second, here are some tips:
Double tap right or left (in the direction which you wnat to run) and press A or S to do a dive attack(with A), or a punch attack, (with S) but if you keep pressing S you wil make a combo of punches, which will make you fly too (and yes, you take your opponent with you)! A last spoiler is to press A+S to do a uppercut. On how to beat Sunchip, take the basket or football with you. move up or down while sunchip is in sight, as he prepares to shoot, move away, and move immediately back. Now kick orr throw tyhe basket or football at him, so he drops to the ground and you can run at him. Don't run at him to fast, as he will stand up and kick you. Just wait untill he's about to get up, and riun at him, and then give him some of those nice moves daddy has thought you!

Man... I wished I had such a dad...

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